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Fla. Deputy Arrested in Teen's Brutal Beating

ORLANDO, Fla. --

An Orange County deputy is off the job and has been charged with aggravated battery after being accused by fellow deputies of brutally beating a 16-year-old boy.

The teen's family never complained about the beating, but now family friends are applauding the Sheriff's Office for taking action against one of their own.

After months of investigation, authorities arrested Deputy Christopher Story, 31, on Wednesday at the Sheriff's Office where he had been assigned to desk duty since the start of the internal affairs investigation.

"David would just tell him, 'Please stop hitting me.' He was trying to block his face," said family friend Tina Frazier, who was by his hospital bed that night. "I don't care what you did, you did not deserve to be beat like that. I think that's why we have the judicial system."

Frazier said Rickey David Jorden said all he remembers was seeing a deputy's fist punching him in and out of consciousness. A photo taken at the hospital minutes after the beating shows the teen's face bruised. Jorden's eye socket was broken during the incident.

Official documents indicate Deputy Story beat the teen with his fists and knees, and slammed his head into the pavement.

It started in a neighborhood near Lake Margaret Drive and South Bumby Avenue with a call to deputies about a prowler after 3 a.m. January 16. Arrest reports show deputies chased a man hopping fences. Then, they saw a car speeding and run onto a church lawn. Deputies said Jorden tried to ram them with his car, and when he resisted arrest authorities said Deputy Story used excessive force.

"It's an unfortunate instance," said Capt. Angelo Nieves of the Orange County Sheriff's Office. "Here we have a situation where one of our deputies acted inappropriately."

"The [deputy] told him that he was going to teach him that he was never going to run from another law enforcement officer," said Frazier. "Is he an angel? None of us are angels. Did he deserve what he got? Absolutely not. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy."

Story joined the force in 2007, and he has been on desk duty since this investigation started, said Nieves. Since his arrest Wednesday morning, Story has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation, said Nieves.

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