S.C. Officers Were Busy With Two Shootings

North Charleston police found themselves juggling multiple crime scenes and snarled traffic Monday morning after a pair of shootings left one man dead and another seriously wounded in a wild start to the work week.

Geoff Cipkala, a regional director with the hotel's parent company, Gateway Hospitality, said the victim came around the building and entered the lobby clutching his back. The man, who is not a guest at the hotel, said he had been shot and needed help, Cipkala said.

Cipkala said he and his staff stayed calm and relied upon their training in dealing with emergency situations. They called 911 and followed a dispatcher's instruction to cover the man's wounds with towels and apply pressure to stanch the bleeding, he said.

Robert Wieters, visiting from Louisiana, said he, his wife and two friends were having breakfast when the victim burst into the hotel. Staff placed the man in a chair. The man seemed all right at first, but he became increasingly anxious and said he didn't want to die, Wieters said.

"My wife started praying over him," he said. "She said 'Don't worry. You're not going to die. God has a plan for you.'"

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