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Robots Used to Help Train Florida Police Officers

DAVIE, Fla. --

The newest additions to the Davie police force are quick, predictable and bulletproof.

"We've been pulled into a new millennium, so to speak, when it comes to shooting at a moving target," said Sgt, Robert Choquette, of the Davie Police Department.

Robots now act as moving targets built to train officers for the worst-case scenarios.

"There's no bad guy that's actually going to stand there and let you deal with them. They're going to be running, moving. With the robots, we can mimic the movements pretty close," said Choquette.

Cadets must learn to stand their ground as the robot approaches quickly and shoot accurately under pressure.

If a situation calls for non-lethal force, simulating it is not a problem. Instructors use the robots for training with a Taser.

Choquette is very proud of the facility he helped design. He believes the innovative technology is shaping the officers of the future and teaching them what it may take to survive.

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