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Possible Drunken Motorcyclist Crashes Into Ohio Cruiser


News Center 7 has learned that a motorcyclist who was hit by a police cruiser is a Dayton firefighter, and deputies said he had been drinking.

The crash happened Monday night on Shephard Road in Sugarcreek Township.

The motorcyclist was identified as Eric Jones, and cruiser's video camera captured the crash.

Lt. Charley Stepp said, "it was obvious that the operator was out of control."

The video shows Jones coming around a curve on Shephard Road, the bike crosses the yellow line, and then he loses control.

"He laid the bike down and it traveled into the lane and hit the deputy's vehicle front and center," Stepp said.

Deputy Donna Dempsey was looking for an address when her cruiser was struck. She was only going 35 mph in a 55 mph zone, deputies said.

Medics were called and treated Jones for scraps to his legs and arms. Investigators said Jones' shorts and flip flops offered him little protection.

"The more clothing you have on, the better off you're going to be when something like this happens," Stepp said.

Sugarcreek Township police said Jones was arrested for OVI and failure to control.

On Tuesday afternoon, News Center 7 confirmed that Jones has been a Dayton firefighters since 2005.

Jones is not in jail; however, he could faces additional charges.

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