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Man Threatens 911 Iowa Dispatchers, Suspect Arrested

BOONE, Iowa --

A Boone County man is in jail Wednesday after authorities said he threatened to kill 911 dispatchers.

The man refused to give his name, but the dispatcher kept pushing and he eventually said his name was Kevin. So dispatchers used the number he was calling from to figure out who was making the threats.

Authorities said it was Kevin Frank, 49, of Boone.

During the call, Frank repeatedly asked to speak to a red-headed dispatcher and continued making threats claiming he had guns.

"I am going to kill every (expletive) body sitting up there, OK," said Frank, on the 911 recording.

911 dispatchers said they are trained to handle emergency calls, but this call was different.

"I'm looking at you," said the 911 caller.

"You're looking at me?" said the dispatcher.

"Yeah, right now. See that red spot setting on your chest?" said the caller.

Dispatchers used a mapping system to trace where the call was coming from. A part-time deputy, who is also Frank's probation officer, recognized the number immediately when he saw it.

A Boone police officer actually spotted Frank at a convenience store, a half block from the jail.

"I don't know that he had a particular beef with anyone. You know when you're intoxicated, you don't always think the clearest," said Ken Kendall of the Boone County Sheriff's Office.

Dispatchers said it's important no matter what happens on a call to keep their cool.

"We try to get as much information for the guys on the road, because that can be the difference sometimes in saving their lives and other people's lives," said dispatcher Lisa Lawton.

Lawton said Emilie Stevens, the dispatcher who took the call, kept her cool and did everything she should.

Frank, who is a registered sex offender, was recently released from prison. He was believed to be intoxicated at the time of the 911 call. He's being held in the Boone County Jail on multiple charges.

Transcript Of 911 Call

DISPATCHER: “911 Boone County. What is the location of your emergency?”

CALLER: “Unintelligible”


CALLER: “Are you a redhead?”


CALLER: “Yeah, are you a redhead?”

DISPATCHER: “This is 911.”

CALLER: “Yeah, I know. Are you a redhead?”


CALLER: “I want to talk to the redhead.”

DISPATCHER: “You want to talk to the redhead?”

CALLER: “Yeah.”

DISPATCHER: “We don’t have a redhead.”

CALLER: “You’re a lying (expletive)”

DISPATCHER: “What’s your name, sir?”

CALLER: “It’s not of your (expletive) business.”

DISPATCHER: “I think it is, sir.”

CALLER: “I am going to kill every (expletive) body sitting up there, ok?“

DISPATCHER: “What’s your name?”

CALLER: “It’s none of your (expletive) business.”

DISPATCHER: “I think it is.”

CALLER: “I want to talk to the redhead.”

DISPATCHER: “We don’t have a redhead, sir, I’m sorry.”

CALLER: “Yeah you do.”

DISPATCHER: “You want to speak to a redheaded officer or a redheaded dispatcher?”

CALLER: “Dispatcher.”

DISPATCHER: “There’s not a redheaded dispatcher, sir.”

CALLER: “Ok, I want to talk to… Who do you have working downstairs?”

DISPATCHER: “I can’t transfer you from a 911 phone to the jail.” “Stand by eleven.”

CALLER: “You can’t?”

DISPATCHER: “Nope, I can’t transfer you. You called 911, not the administrative lines.”

CALLER: “Who are you?”

DISPATCHER: “I’m not going to give you my name, sir, what’s yours?”

CALLER: “Kevin.”

DISPATCHER: “Your name is what?”

CALLER: “Kevin.”

DISPATCHER: “Kevin? My name…” “Eleven, stand by.”

CALLER: “You’re going to lie to me anyway.”


CALLER: “You’re going to lie to me anyone.”

DISPATCHER: “What’s your last name, Kevin?”

CALLER: “I don’t give that.”

DISPATCHER: “You don’t?”

CALLER: “And I got guns, too.”


CALLER: “Yep.”

DISPATCHER: “Where do you live?”

CALLER: “I’m looking at you.”

DISPATCHER: “You’re looking at me?”

CALLER: “Yeah, right now. See that red spot setting on your chest?”

DISPATCHER: “Sir, I’m going to hang up now if you don’t have an emergency.”

CALLER: “No, it ain’t emergency.”

DISPATCHER: “Ok, I’m going to go ahead and hang up now, then.”

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