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Ind. Student Faces Felony Charge for Blow-Up Doll Prank


A Rushville High School senior faces a felony charge after bringing a blow-up doll to school as part of what he claims was a prank.

School officials called police May 31 after a package was found in a girls' bathroom. A deflated blow-up doll was later found inside the box.

Tyell Morton, 18, was arrested on a preliminary charge of felony criminal mischief after he admitted to bringing the doll to school. He said it was meant to be a senior prank.

"I'm facing eight years for a doll, a plastic doll," Morton said Monday. "I didn't put anybody's name on it, nothing. Now I'm a terrorist for a prank gone wrong. It's life-changing. It's traumatizing."

The family's attorney, Robert Turner, said the charge is excessive.

"It's interesting that had he gone to school with a gun, there would've been a lesser charge. It would've been a Class D felony with up to three years," he said.

Rush County Schools Superintendent John Williams said the situation is done and over with.

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