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Woman Says Michigan Police Shot Her Innocent Dog

PONTIAC, Mich. -- A Pontiac woman said police shot her dog in an attempt to stop another dog from attacking it.

Rebecca Model said her 6-year-old mixed-breed dog, Ginger, was being attacked by a pit bull that Pontiac police got involved and fired a shot, hitting her dog instead of the pit bull.

Model said she had to have Ginger euthanized due to the gunshot wound.

The pit bull, which belongs to Model's daughter and boyfriend who were visiting from Missouri, bit Model in the leg and tried to attack her fiance, Model said.

"I told them to take the dog across the street ... I didn't want it around here," Model said. "It was known to attack people."

She said police were called after the dog attacked her. When officers arrived, the pit bull was loose and attacking Ginger. Model said that's when they fired a shot, hitting Ginger.

"They went to shoot the (pit bull), completely missed it and shot mine," Model said. "She was a gigantic part of my family, and it is sad that she is not here."

Pontiac police said they did not intend to shoot Model's dog and that it was an awful accident.

The pit bull was at the Oakland County Animal Shelter.

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