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Three Florida Officers Hurt in Police-Involved Shootings


Officers were involved in two shootings in Miami Beach on Monday morning, and in one case, a man died and three officers and four others were injured, according to police.

Miami Beach police said that the death and the injuries occurred in a shooting just before 4 a.m. on Collins Avenue between 13th and 16th streets.

According to police, a man who was driving erratically threatened an officer with his vehicle, apparently trying to run him over.

"The officers were trailing this individual for approximately three and a half blocks and there were multiple shooting scenes along the way," said Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega.

Officers surrounded the vehicle at 13th Street and Collins Avenue and began shooting, according to police.

Miami Beach police said the driver was shot and killed.

Four pedestrians also were shot, although it is unclear by whom. A woman who asked not to be identified said her friend was struck by a stray bullet.

"There was a drive-by going on, and the Miami police shot her. It was by accident, but they still shot her," she said.

Police said all of the victims are expected to recover.

Three police officers – two from Miami Beach and one from Hialeah – were taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital. They were not seriously injured.

A second police-involved shooting occurred near 14th Street and Washington Avenue, according to police. Investigators said another man was trying to use a vehicle to hit an officer. No injuries were reported in that case.

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