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Stolen ATMs Found in Woods in Florida



Daytona Beach police found some major clues in a series of ATM burglaries in Volusia County.

Surveillance video caught the crooks crashing stolen trucks through glass doors of the Ocean Center to steal the machines, earlier this week.

WFTV found out on Friday that the police has found some of the machines.

Police said they found two ATMs in the woods, broken into pieces. The thieves, of course, didn't leave any cash behind, but police said they are hoping the thieves left something that could lead to their arrest.

An ATM lying on its side in tall weeds near Shady Place looked unusual to a passerby who spotted it Friday morning and called police.

WFTV was at the scene when crime scene technicians removed two ATMs from the woods. Police said they are not sure which burglaries they came from.

"They've been beaten open, pried open and the money is gone,” said Jimmie Flynt of the Daytona Beach Police Department.

Police said they are positive the machines came from thieves who stole them using pickup trucks.

It’s is the seventh location hit so far this year, not counting two other businesses broken into last year. In one burglary, the thieves stole $3,000 from one ATM.

The ATMs found on Friday have more than 1,000 parts. Police carefully examined them and dusted the cash boxes from inside for fingerprints.

"We do get some latent prints, but is it the suspect? We don't know until we try to run it through the system because it could be from the person who was filling the machine,” said Flynt.

The evidence in the woods is one of the best and most recent leads on the burglars, but police said they need to catch them in the act.

"We can't be everywhere. We need the eyes and ears of the public and if they see something suspicious, you know, they need to give us a call,” said Flynt.

So far, police said they haven't made any arrests in the string of burglaries.

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