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Ohio Police Officer Back on Job After Being Stabbed


A Cincinnati police officer is back at work after being stabbed on Saturday morning.

Police said Officer Darrell Hardy was sitting in his cruiser at the Fay Apartments when Markeith Colvin approached the cruiser.

"The officer had his window cracked a little bit and (Colvin) was able to reach through and stab the officer as the officer tried to lean away," Lt. Don Luck said.

Hardy's partner had exited the cruiser when he saw Colvin approach, Luck said.

"He came around the side, drew his Taser and was able to tase the individual before the attack could continue," Luck said.

Hardy was transported to University Hospital, but was released and back at work by Saturday afternoon.

Markeith Colvin

Luck said Hardy's partner was initially unaware that Hardy had been stabbed, knowledge that could have ended Colvin's life.

"In a deadly force encounter where you're being attacked with a knife, yes, that would be a situation where deadly force would be used," Luck said.

Colvin is charged with felonious assault. He was due to appear in court on Monday for a bond hearing, but was sent for psychiatric evaluation.

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