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Donor Gives $2,000 in Food Gift Cards to N.C. Officers

May 23--Fayetteville police have at least one generous supporter in the community, one who has donated $2,000 worth of food gift cards to the department.

"Wow," Chief Tom Bergamine said upon learning of the donation.

A woman walked into the department at 467 Hay St. about 11:15 a.m. today, according to spokesman Gavin MacRoberts, and handed a bag with a note attached to the front desk.

Inside the bag were 400 $5 gift cards to various restaurants including Bojangles, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-fil-A , Subway, Arby's Hardees and the Sonic Drive-In.

The note read:

"Dear Fayetteville Police Officers -

Thank you for serving in a noble profession. I know you are real people under those uniforms, and I love you very much! Tough times seem to drag on forever; but stretch your eyes with great anticipation and look around the corner, brighter days are heading your way!

"Have a fantastic day or night whenever you receive this. With highest regards and tremendous appreciation from a Fayetteville citizens (who happens to be black)."

Police have been under fire for several weeks after the Fayetteville Area Minority Lawyers Association alleged that officers were racially profiling people during traffic stops.

Last week, a representative of the Community Relations Service of the U.S. Department of Justice came to Fayetteville to conduct two seminars with officers and residents on the community perception of racial profiling.

Police have not decided how they will distribute the cards yet.

Bergamine said he was grateful for the gift and asked that donor contact him so he can offer a proper thanks.

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