Armed Boy, 12, Surrenders After Standoff With Swat Team

Armed Boy, 12, Surrenders After Standoff With Swat Team


A standoff Sunday between an armed 12-year-old boy who locked himself in his home on 86th Street near Good Hope Road and a SWAT team ended after a few hours.

No one was hurt.

The boy's mother, whom 12 News is not identifying, explained what she thinks went wrong.

"My son, he's sick with dialysis, and he had a seizure back in March and his mental status isn't up to par all the time," the mother said.

She said earlier on Sunday, her son wanted to stay home by himself, but because of his medical condition, the mother doesn't allow it. So he was dropped off at a relative's house.

"When he was dropped off at his aunt's house down the street, he got the keys from the landlord and came home, and when they went to get him out of the house, he wouldn't come out the house," the mother said.

She said he found her 38 mm gun she keeps for protection.

"At first, I didn't know he had my gun because I didn't think he would find it, but I was scared. I was worried about what would transpire as far as with the police coming and everything, but I don't think he would've hurt anyone," the mother said.

After a massive police response and nearly two hours of negotiations, police were able to get the boy to surrender.

Wendy said her son is just like any other 12-year-old; he even plays with other children in the neighborhood, but Sunday night he was frustrated and she says he acted out.

No one was hurt and police are considering a charge of failing to safeguard a firearm.

Police said the stand-off is still under investigation, and it's unclear if the boy's mother will be charged.

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