Survivors Arrive in D.C. for Police Week

Survivors Arrive in D.C. for 2011 Police Week

"I was pregnant at the time, and was advised not to travel. I missed the memorial service. I missed putting a carnation in the wreath. I felt I had missed out."

A few years ago, however, another young woman found herself in the same situation. ?

"I told her how I felt about not participating when they honored my husband. She asked me to do it for her."?

On the night of the ceremony, her escort didn't know the circumstances.

"As we were walking up, he looked at me and said: He loved you too."

Geary said she stepped forward and pushed the flower into the wreath.

"I pushed hard but it wouldn't stay. So, I had to do it a second time. I thought that second time was for Dave. I felt I had finally honored him."

She met her current husband at a police fund-raiser in Florida.

"It's nothing to have five police cruisers in the driveway. I'm sure people who don't know us think they must be conducting a raid."

Pete Geary had never been to a memorial service before he came with his wife one year.

They asked him to help with the kids trip to the FBI Academy where they are encouraged to share their feelings.

Geary admitted with a laugh: "I told them I'd try it for a few hours, and if it wasn't going well, I'd leave. I didn't, and I come back every year. I love being a mentor."

Sawyer said sharing stories is part of healing.

And this week, there are plenty of them as well as tears and hugs.

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