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Phoenix Police Release Reports on Officer's Death


CBS-5 News has obtained more than 500 police reports connected to the death of Phoenix police Sgt. Sean Drenth.

The extensive reports are filled with hundreds of interviews. documents and pieces of evidence.

However, nowhere will you find the answer as to how Drenth died.

"There is information in this case to suggest homicide and there is information to suggest suicide," said Lt. Joe Knott. "We are trying to reconcile the differences and make the determination as to what is the true answer."

Drenth was found shot to death near the state capitol in October 2010 laying on his back with a shotgun on his chest.

The report confirmed that investigators looked into the possibility it was a suicide, but now there's other evidence that Drenth may have been murdered.

One officer on the scene said he thought Drenth looked posed.

The report said Drenth's primary weapon was found over a fence and his secondary handgun had been fired at least once. That gun was found next to Drenth's body.

A witness thought Drenth was killed by a drug dealer, the report said.

There were inquiries that Drenth's death may be linked to a corruption investigation involving Drenth and other officers who allegedly took money for off-duty work that was never performed, the report said.

There is also evidence of an unknown person at the scene around the time of Drenth's death, the report said.

"What I can say is we don't know whether that person was there prior to his death, during the events leading to his death, or after his death," said Knott.

The report also said that the crime scene was chaotic, with 20 to 30 officers gathered around the patrol car at one time.

There was also a second investigation targeting former police officer George Contreras, the alleged ring leader in that alleged off-duty work operation.

According to the report, Contreras posted news of Drenth's death over the Internet shortly after it happend, upsetting Drenth's wife, who hadn't been notified yet.


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