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Ark. Chief Slams Into Semi While Pursuing Escapee


A Franklin County inmate escaped from custody while at court in Ozark Thursday morning.

Franklin County Sheriff Anthony Boen said Charles Edward Andrews escaped custody and stole a vehicle.

"He has a couple fingers missing and he doesn't have joints in his thumbs so he was able to get out of one of the cuffs," Sheriff Anthony Boen said.

The Franklin County Sheriff Department asked for Ozark police for back up in the chase.

"He was coming down airport road and evidently this truck didn't see him," Captain Orla Larson, Ozark Fire Department said.

Chief Cory Tedford's police cruiser crashed into a semi truck while responding to the call. His cruiser was pinned underneath the trailer.

"From the front of the windshield it was smashed and from the drivers side to the front it was pretty bad," a witness said.

A medical helicopter transported Tedford to St. Edward hospital where he was treated into the afternoon. Chief Tedford was examined before being released this afternoon.

Andrews is currently facing multiple felony charges including posession and delivery of drugs, theft and escape.

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