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Police Arrest 2 Men in Ark. Walmart Snake Bite Hoax


Springdale Police say they arrested Ryan Cornelison and Aaron Hull in connection with a copperhead snake bite in the garden center at a Springdale Walmart two weeks ago.

Cornelison and Hull were arrested for communicating a false alarm for calling 911 and reporting a person had been bitten by a snake in the Garden Center at the Springdale Wal-Mart.

Police said the two men made up the story up in an attempt to get money from Walmart.

Cornelison was shopping for plants in the garden center at a Springdale Walmart when he claimed he was bitten by a snake April 14, according to a Springdale Fire Department report.

Images: Man Claims He Was Bitten By Venomous Snake At Walmart

Emergency personnel responded to the call about 9:20 p.m. Thursday, and arrived to find Ryan Cornelison, 25, of Springdale, lying on the floor. The man had a "bite and swelling on his hand," according to the fire department report.

An eyewitness, Aaron Hall, said Cornelison was saying, "Help me, help me, please. I've been bitten by a snake," so Hull went to get help from Walmart employees.

Hull said it took Walmart employees three to five minutes to respond, because they didn't believe him at first. He said Cornelison looked faint and his arm got progressively more swollen.

Hull said Cornelison killed the snake by stomping on it.

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