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Connecticut Police Department Issues Trading Cards



The Manchester Police Department’s brand new trading cards show officers at play, on vacation and have interesting facts about them.

The cards are a community relations program meant to keep officers from just being a faceless uniform to people.

The cards got the attention of sixth-grader Nicholas Keegan.

“There are a lot of cards, so it's kind of hard to pick a favorite this quickly," Keegan said.

Nicholas Keegan’s mother, Kristen Keegan, applauds the idea behind the cards.

"Anything they can do to improve their profile and get people to feel good about Manchester and their police department is a good thing," Keegan said.

Community relations Officer Stacey Forish said encouraging children to become comfortable enough to approach officers for the trading cards is part of the goal.

"They know us by face, they know us by name, and it creates a positive relationship,” Forish said.

The trading cards show officers doing their favorite hobbies, on vacation.

"We got away from the uniform quite a bit and had fun with the officers," Forish said.


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