Miami Police, Pastors Team Up to Clean Up Streets



Dozens of pastors and community leaders are standing behind Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito after a new plan was unveiled to get guns off the streets.

For the last six months, more than 80 local clergy members have been training with police, learning what it takes to remove dangerous weapons.


Two weeks ago, Jamal Singletary was killed by a Miami-Dade police detective after he pulled out an assault rifle and started firing at officers, according to police. The goal of the partnership between the clergy members and the police is to keep these crimes from happening.

"It's a simple but strong initiative where pastors, parents and police are working together to get the guns out of homes. We believe it will work," said Pastor Carl Johnson, of 93RD Street Community Missionary Baptist Church.

The plan is for parents to tell their pastors about guns they find in their homes. The pastors will then tell police, who will remove the weapons.

Although the neighborhoods involved still simmer over the seven fatal shootings by Miami police officers, it appears the chief is still looking for ways to make the areas safer.

"I have made a commitment to the community that I would do everything I could to reduce the violent crimes in the community," Exposito said.

The program has been in the works since last July. The goal now is to find parents who are interested in working with the program.

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