La. Police Dept. Adds Motorcycle Fleet


While violent crime continues to plague the city of New Orleans, one city on the Northshore is seeing those numbers go down.

In Slidell, some tools like a new motorcycle fleet and high visibility have brought the crime rate down.

"Biggest complaint from the citizens going door to door during the campaign were speeders and traffic violators in our subdivisions, concern for children their safety," said Police Chief Randy Smith.

That concern was addressed Wednesday as the new fleet of motorcylces took to the streets of Slidell. They will serve as traffic officers, and they will free up patrol cars to roll on other crimes.

"Great visibility and it is making a difference on the violators we have here in the city," Smith said.

In fact, the most recent crime stats out of Slidell show most of the numbers going down. Overall, crime is down 7 percent, and only the crime of rape showed an increase.

The chief credits a proactive force out in the community with the drop in crime.

"Again, the visibility, getting out in the community, finding out where the crime is and handling it," he said.

The motorcycles came from the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office, in a straight swap for three used police cars. Officers went through training with the sheriff's office as well.

"The feedback we've gotten not only from the community, but the men and women who work the streets here in the department were pushing for the third bike, because it frees them up from having to work traffic complaints and accidents," Smith said.

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