Guard Shot in Las Vegas Armored Truck Heist


An armored truck driver was recovering on Thursday after being shot in the leg during a robbery on the city’s west side, according to Las Vegas Metro police.

The gunman, and an accomplice, fled the area, leading to a massive search involving Metro police and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents.

Police said the truck driver was outside a Wells Fargo at Spring Mountain and Arville Street when he was confronted by an armed man in a wheelchair.

The gunman demanded money and the guard complied, according to Metro spokesman Clint Nichols.

Then, Nichols said, an accomplice appeared.

“From initial witness statements, [it appears] that they were trying to take the guard’s firearm and there was some discussion around that. They couldn't get it and ultimately shots were fired,” he said.

The two men then ran off with one bank bag, but it’s unknown whether there was any cash inside.

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