Ind. Officer Reprimanded Over Traffic Video


A Greenwood police officer has been reprimanded over cell phone video that appeared to show him speeding and disregarding traffic signals.

Sherri Reed, 45, who was frustrated over recent traffic tickets, recorded the video as she followed the officer along Meridian Street last week, 6News' Derrik Thomas reported.

Reed narrated the video, giving a turn-by-turn description of the officer's actions as she drove to traffic court to contest a speeding ticket. She lost and will have to pay a $250 fine.

"He's definitely going faster than 25 mph through this school zone," she said at one point in the video.

The video appears to show the officer speeding and disregarding the use of turn signals.

"Boy, he's booking, booking, booking -- no signal again," Reed said as she followed the officer's car.

Greenwood Assistant Chief David Mertz said Friday that the officer involved has been reprimanded. He said the incident will be used as a reminder to all officers that it is important for them to also obey the traffic laws and be aware of their driving etiquette.

Reed, who has received six tickets for various violations in the past year, said she wanted to point out what she believes is a double-standard in how officers are treated and how anyone else would be.

"I'm afraid of losing my license. I'm doing speed limits. I'm stopping at stop signs and stuff," Reed said. "All these officers lately just seem like they can do whatever they want just because they have a badge."

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