Angry Florida Cop Taken Into Protective Custody


A police officer suspended once last year and currently under investigation over a previous incident was the source of concern Thursday when he stormed out of the training academy.

Fellow officers were sent to find Officer Ronald Jackson, who was taken into protective custody.

"We were concerned about his personnel welfare," said Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Director Michael Edwards. "That is why we dispatched officers to locate him, and the good thing is that we were able to locate him and he was found safe."

Edwards, who heads the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office patrol division, said he has never heard of an officer going off on an instructor the way Jackson did. He said when Jackson left the academy, his superiors were worried about what he might do next.

"We made contract with a specific attorney as well as judge to make them aware of the situation as a precautionary measure," Edwards said.

Edwards said Jackson had a previous run in with that the judge and attorney, but could not discuss the details. The judge did not return a call for details.

Personnel records obtained by Channel 4 show this is not the first problem the department as documented in Jackson's 11 years with the Sheriff's Office.

"He was already on administrative leave because of current, active investigation ongoing," Edwards said.

According to his records, that investigation is into whether Jackson exhibited conduct unbecoming a police officer during an incident in August. Jackson was suspended 20 days last January, also for conduct unbecoming.

The record shows numerous complaints and documents several counseling sessions.

In 2009, Jackson was also involved a police shooting outside the Plush nightclub in Arlington where a young man was killed. He was cleared of any wrongdoing, but the victim's family is suing the Sheriff's Office, claiming wrongful death.

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