Pig Truck Flips, Animals Escape Onto Missouri Highway


A truck carrying hundreds of pigs flipped over on a highway ramp Monday morning, causing the pigs to run wild on the highway.

The ramp from Interstate 435 north to Interstate 35 north was closed for several hours due to the crash.

Roughly 720 pigs were inside the truck. Police said between 35 or 40 of them got loose and had to be captured.

"The tractor trailer was coming around the curve, and it was just too fast for the curve," said Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Rick Fletcher. "When I got here, the pigs were just kind of wandering around. We were able to corral them and get them back to a truck."

The pigs were moved onto another truck and taken away from the crash scene. The ramp remained closed as crews tried to upright the flipped truck.

"It's not something you come across everyday, and it was a challenge to get them off the road," Fletcher said. "They go every which way, except the way you want them to go. They did a lot of squeeling."

Fletcher the driver of the truck was from Kansas. He was wearing his seat belt when the truck crashed and was not injured.

"They were small pigs, like a dog. If they were bigger, it would've been more of a challenge," Fletcher said.

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