Indianapolis Officer Shot in Face Fights for Life


The next 24 to 48 hours in intensive care are critical to the survival prospects of an Indianapolis police officer who was shot twice in the face on Sunday.

During a briefing with reporters, doctors at Wishard Memorial Hospital said Officer David Moore, 29, is in a medically induced coma after being shot in the chin and just below an eye, along with another bullet wound to the thigh. The gunman also fired a fourth shot, striking Moore's bulletproof vest in the chest area.

Doctors said Moore is on a ventilator and that they are trying to keep his blood pressure and heart rate steady. They aren't yet sure about the extent of Moore's injuries, but said the bullets passed through the base of Moore's skull and exited through the back of his neck, barely missing the spinal cord.

"Typically, patients shot in the area of the brain stem don't make it to the hospital. They're typically declared (dead) in the field," said Dr. Richard Rodgers. "The bullets that entered through the face (did not go) anywhere in his brain, but it would appear that one of the bullets passed basically between where the skull connects to the spine."

The bullets may have severed important blood vessels, and heat from the piercing metal may also have damaged surrounding tissue. Doctors said those issues can be fixed with surgery.

"Our goal is to keep control of his vital functions," said Dr. Gerardo Gomez.

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