Suspect Fatally Shot Following Calif. Pursuit

OAKLAND, Calif. --

A high-speed police pursuit of two suspects in an Oakland shooting Wednesday ended in a fiery crash that injured the driver of another car before an armed confrontation with officers that led to one of the suspects being fatally shot.

The incident started shortly after 4 p.m., Oakland police received a call about gunfire outside a residence on the 7600 block of Lockwood Street.

At approximately 4:15 p.m., officers spotted the suspects' vehicle. When the driver refused to yield, a chase commenced. Police said during the pursuit, the suspects drove at speeds over 70 miles per hour and rammed several cars along the way.

The pursuit ended a short time later about a half mile away with a crash at 85th Avenue and San Leandro Street near the Oakland Coliseum BART station. The suspect vehicle plowed into an innocent civilian's car before coming to rest against a chain-link fence and bursting into flames.

Oakland Police Department Officer Holly Joshi said that one of the two suspects in the vehicle being pursued died in an armed confrontation with officers after the suspects tried to leave the scene.

"The suspect vehicle did catch on fire. Both suspects did exit the vehicle and attempted to flee," said Joshi. "The driver was taken into custody without any force being used. The passenger exited the vehicle and was armed with two guns.The officer did engage him and tried to give him commands, which he did not listen to and he was shot and killed by the officer."

NewsChopper 2 shot footage of the scene that revealed a body covered by a yellow tarp near where the suspect vehicle and the second civilian car it struck -- both with major damage -- had apparently come to rest in the crash.

San Leandro Street was blocked off from 81st Avenue to 92nd Avenue late into the evening as the investigation into the incident continued. Officers said that the people in the civilian car that was hit sustained only minor injuries and that it was fortunate that no one else was seriously hurt or killed in the incident.

Police said the suspect in custody was being held both in connection with the shooting and for directing their vehicle at officers in a threatening manner.

Police Wednesday night placed dozens of yellow markers where bullet casings were strewn across the street from the earlier shooting incident. No one was injured at the site of the Lockwood Street gunfire.

Several neighbors who didn't want their face on camera agreed to talk with KTVU about the incident.

"The gun fired, boom, boom boom, boom, about 12," said one neighbor. Another neighbor said the shooters drove right by his grandchildren.

"They were shooting at police coming up Plymouth, said the man. They were standing on the porch. They had just gotten back from school. They were going in the house."

Authorities said the officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave and that internal affairs was investigating the incident.

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