Ariz. Officers Under Probe to Resume Off-Duty Work


The Phoenix Police Department has reinstated the off-duty work privileges of 24 officers embroiled in and off-duty work scandal.

The initial investigation started more than three years ago by Phoenix police internal affairs. The case was turned over to the attorney general’s office when possible criminal conduct was suspected.

In November, indictments were handed up on former police Officer George Contreras, one current police sergeant and two current officers. The case against the officers, who were not criminally charged, was then turned back over to internal affairs to determine if any police policies were violated. At that time, the department suspended their off-duty work privileges.

The scandal revolved around off-duty security work at Valley townhome complexes and other businesses coordinated by Contreras. Investigators believe officers were taking pay for off-duty hours that they never worked.

A police spokesman Wednesday said they have interviewed the officers who remain under internal investigation and researched the allegations enough to know that none of their actions would result in severe discipline or a suspension of the right to work off-duty, so they reinstated their off-duty work privileges.

The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, the labor organization that represents Phoenix police, had asked those privileges to be reinstated for the officers in a meeting with Director of Public Safety Jack Harris and others on the command staff of the department.

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