Prank Callers Posing as West Virginia Police


Several New Martinsville residents have been receiving prank calls that show up as the police department's phone number.

Police Chief Tim Cecil said he thinks the callers are using a website,, to impersonate the police department. The calls started Sunday and the most recent call was to a 60-year-old woman.

Have information? Call the NEWS9 Crimebusters Tipline at 800-862-BUST

Cecil said police received reports all day Sunday.

"(Residents) have called and asked and we've said, 'No, we have not called you.' Which is kind of hard because we have 10 officers. Maybe one called on the afternoon shift and dayturn doesn't know if they called or not," Cecil said. He advised that if residents get any call from New Martinsville police to hang up and immediately call the department back to verify that it is an official call.

Cecil said using the department's phone number is a criminal offense, and he is urging whoever is making the calls to stop.

Anyone with information is asked to call police or the NEWS9 Lauttamus Security Crimebusters Tipline at 800-862-BUST.

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