Ga. Police Officer Caught Sleeping on Job


A Clark Atlanta University student e-mailed CBS Atlanta a picture that shows a campus police officer sleeping on the job.

In the e-mail, she wrote: "When a student walked into the police department to make a report for being robbed, she found the officer sleep on the job. This was around 9 a.m."

Cequita Damons said that's not the only officer students have seen napping on the job

"I see them sleeping in the guard booth when I'm out here walking. About two weeks ago, I saw a female officer sleeping. We tried to get a picture of her, but she woke up before we got the picture," said Damons.

Student Keena Bryant is concerned about her safety. Bryant said she wants to know who's keeping an eye on students when officers are sleeping.

"I think it's sad; you're not doing your job. You're not protecting;…some innocent girl could be getting raped or molested because you're asleep," said Bryant.

Bryant and Damons said they want answers, so CBS Atlanta asked the police chief the tough questions.

"What are you going to do about officers sleeping on the job?" asked reporter Tony McNary.

"Well, if you have an officer sleeping on the job, there is action that we take," said Chief Thomas Trawick.

Trawick said students brought the picture of the officer sleeping on the job to his attention, but he would not say what action he took against the officer.

"I will say it was handled in an appropriate manner. Do I like it, of course not, but actions were taken," said Trawick.

Bryant thinks those officers should not be working if they can't stay awake.

"They should be fired. They should be let go and replaced. There's a million other people that want their job. There's a million unemployed people that would stay awake and do what they do," said Bryant.

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