Indiana Officer Accused of 'Unfitting' Behavior


Shocking details were released about a Greenwood police officer during a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday.

Officer Nick Dine had just completed an alcohol abuse program the night of Oct. 29th, when he got into a confrontation with several people outside a Greenwood Applebees restaurant, 6News' Tanya Spencer reported.

Greenwood Police Chief Rick McQuery testified during the hearing on Wednesday that several witnesses approached Dine when they saw him leave his 8-month-old daughter in his car alone, while running into two restaurants to check on wait times.

The confrontation quickly became heated and profanities were exchanged, McQuery said.

"Somewhere along the line, Officer Dine pulled a weapon from his ankle, displayed it, and put it in the back of his pants," McQuery said.

McQuery said Dine then called for back-up. The sergeant who responded said he smelled alcohol on Dine's breath.

Dine refused to take a portable breath test, McQuery said.

According to McQuery's testimony, Dine admitted he had a drink that night to celebrate his completion of a six-week alcohol abuse treatment program.

Officer Dine's mother, Sherry Dine, testified that she was watching Dine's infant daughter the entire time from another car, where she was waiting with her other grandkids.

She and others testified Dine did not appear impaired. She said she heard one of the comments from a man inside the restaurant.

"He made me concerned for my son because he said, 'If somebody doesn't do something about that boy, I will,'" she testified.

Officer Dine is scheduled to testify on his own behalf on Thursday night. Other witnesses will also testify, including former Greenwood Chief of Police Joe Pitcher, who was fired over the incident.

Once Thursday's testimony is complete, the merit board will begin deliberating.

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