Vt. Apple Equipment Thieves Catch Attention of FBI


A string of brazen burglaries across the country, targeting Apple stores and independent retailers, has gotten the attention of the FBI.

According to USA Today, the FBI is looking into a series of robberies at Apple stores up and down the east coast.

"We have to act like a jewelry store," said Don Mayer, who runs Small Dog Electronics, a licensed Apple retailer. His two shops have been robbed four times in the past few months.

He's now hoping the FBI will begin to look at Apple thefts at independent retailers in addition to the corporate-owned stores.

"Absolutely. I think it is a national trend," said Mayer. "They're very brazen, and you can see in many locations, including ours, they are very violent 'smash and grabs.'"

According to Mayer, independent retailers from New Hampshire to California have been hit. At a store in California, thieves came in through the roof and took off with more than $300,000 in merchandise.

The FBI wouldn't comment specifically on whether it would begin looking into thefts at Small Dog and other retailers, but they did release a statement addressing the concerns.

"The FBI works closely with law enforcement partners to monitor crimes," read the statement from Paul Holstein, who works out the the Albany office. "The FBI is always willing to assist its law enforcement partners when possible."

Meanwhile, the Small Dog team has begun to play defense, setting up brand new security cameras and hiring a night watchman.

"A determined thief will find a way in," said Mayer. "Our job is to stop them from getting into the honeypot until the police arrive."

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