Video: Fla. Officer Pulls Man From Fiery Wreck

DORAL, Fla. --

Police dashcam video captured the seconds after a fiery, head-on crash in Doral on March 26th. It also reveals the quick instincts of a police officer, who is seen dragging one of the drivers away from danger.

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The crash happened on N.W. 58th Street near 87th Avenue. According to the incident report, a Mazda traveling eastbound on N.W. 58th Street collided with a white Porsche going westbound.

"When you first see it, you just run on instincts," officer Michael Rodriguez told Local 10's Janine Stanwood.

Rodriguez recalled arriving on scene and hearing an explosion, not knowing the Porsche was about to catch fire.

"It was just a large explosion," he said.

The driver of the Porsche escaped. The driver of the dark-colored Mazda, however, was trapped. Rodriguez said he knew every second counted.

"I then went towards the vehicle in attempt to rescue the driver. When I approached the vehicle, I noticed that he was pinned under the steering column and unable to move. So I forced the door open, grabbed him, managed to take him out of the vehicle," he said.

Rodriguez then pulled the driver away, off to the side of the road. He said the man was in a daze.

"He was out of it," he said.

The driver, David Vargas, is back to work as a janitor at Pinecrest Elementary. He said he hardly remembers the incident, but was grateful for the help.

"It was so fast," he said.

Rodriguez said he is just glad his work saved a life.

"I'm glad it was able to be captured on video, so that it could show people how dangerous the job of a police officer really is. I'd do it again," he said.

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