Pa. Police Use Stun Gun to Stop School Bus Fight


Police said they used a stun gun to break up a fight on board a school bus in Dauphin County.

State police said it's unusual to have a group of students who are not listening to anyone, and where troopers think the only safe way to get them to listen is with a stun gun.

"The drive stun technique delivers pain that I can best describe as me pinching your arm really hard, and that would deliver pain just in that regional area of where I'm pinching your arm," Trooper Tom Pinkerton said.

The stun gun technique does not send electrical probes to a person's body, but it’s enough to bring a student under control, Pinkerton said.

On Tuesday afternoon, a trooper used that technique at Central Dauphin High School, he said.

After school let out, and before the bus driver could leave school grounds, five male students got into a fight, police said.

School officials tried to stop the fight, but they couldn’t and neither could state police, Pinkerton said.

All of the students continued fighting as they resisted arrest, and one was so aggressive the trooper used a stun gun on him, he said.

"I find it very disturbing that you have teens or students who are not listening to a teacher's instructions and don’t even care enough to listen to a state trooper’s instructions," Pinkerton said.

It's unclear what started the fight. Police are continuing to investigate. So far, the students have not be charged.

District officials said, depending on the outcome of the investigation, the students could be expelled.

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