Biker Stealing Poodle in Fla. Caught on Security Camera


A security camera caught a poodle heist at a humane society near New Smyrna Beach. Investigators are looking for a woman and a man dressed like a biker.

Investigators said the man used a crow bar to steal the poodle. He used it to break the cage open.

Once he and the woman had the dog, they got into a silver Ford Focus and drove off. But they were both caught on surveillance.

At the Southeast Humane Society, a man wearing a biker T-shirt used a crow bar to pry open a cage to get to the small black poodle inside. A woman stood by and watched as the man hugged and cradled the dog, treating it as if it was his own.

"They both seemed to care for the dog and that would probably give me the idea that basically that dog belongs to them," said humane society director David Fox.

Fox said a few days ago, a police officer found the poodle wandering the streets of New Smyrna Beach. The officer brought the dog to the humane society on Glencoe Road and locked it in one of the cages for lost dogs.

The dog was stolen just a few hours later.

"It's unfortunate that people break and enter and steal dogs and that's what it is," Fox said.

If these two suspects are found, they could be charged with breaking and entering. However, Fox says he's willing to drop the charges if the man and woman come forward, no matter how embarrassing that may seem.

"Probably be more embarrassed when a sheriff's deputy knocks on the door saying, 'Can you explain to me why you broke into a cage Monday night?'" Fox said.

Breaking into a humane society could be considered a third-degree felony and could come with a maximum of five years in jail if prosecuted.

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