Officers Who Survived Detroit Precinct Attack Speak Out


The officers who were involved in a deadly attack at a Detroit police station have spoken out for the first time.

Four wounded officers, including 6th Precinct Cmdr. Brian Davis, who is credited with saving their lives, told their story to Local 4's Sandra Ali about what happened a Jan. 23 gun battle at the west side building.

They said they would only tell their story collectively because they needed to lean on each other for support.

"We are a family. When we put on that uniform, we are a family," said Officer David Anderson.

Anderson, Davis and Sgt. Carrie Shultz were shot in the exchange with 38-year-old Lamar Moore before he was fatally wounded.

Davis said all of the officers in the Detroit Police Department are considered family.

“We will not allow a lone gunman to interrupt that. We will not,” he said. “In fact, instances like this in the department does not weaken us, it strengthens us.”

A 68-second video of the attack shows Moore walking into the precinct and opening fire with a shotgun.

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