Injured Oregon Officer Returns Home to Hero's Welcome


Nearly three months after he was shot and critically wounded during a traffic stop, Lincoln City Officer Steven Dodds returned home to a hero’s welcome this weekend.

He was medically released Saturday and driven from Portland to Lincoln City while escorted by several police and fire agencies. Crowds holding signs cheered from the street; Highway 101 was lined with American flags and signs in his honor.

“The community has been incredible,” Dodds said. “I never expected this much support.”

Dodds appeared at Taft High School for a special ceremony attended by his colleagues, community members and the emergency workers and paramedics who treated him the night of Jan. 23.

“Wouldn’t have made it without them,” Dodds said as he thanked everyone who’s cared for him following the shooting. He says he’s undergone several surgeries and weeks of physical therapy.

“From this point on, I just look forward to getting better and returning to the patrol,” Dodds said. He declined to comment about the night of the shooting, but said he’s feeling good and moving on.

“I just happened to be the one to pull over the wrong vehicle,” Dodds said. He said he never doubted his recovery and neither did his daughter, Megan.

“I always knew he was going to make it this whole time,” said Megan Dodds. “I’m so proud of him -- happy to have him back.”

From Lincoln City, Dodds went home to Newport for the first time since Jan 23. He said his goal now is regaining his strength so he’s physically capable of doing his job.

Meanwhile, the search for his suspected shooter, David Durham, continues. Lincoln City police say there are no new leads, but the investigation is ongoing. Durham remains the No. 1 most wanted person in Oregon.

Anyone who has information about the case is asked to call Lincoln City Police Department at 541-994-3636.

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