Fight at Missouri Prom Leaves Two Officers Injured


A teen is behind bars Sunday morning after an outburst that took place outside of Union Station Saturday night.

One teen was arrested and two officers were injured in the scuffle. Blue Valley Northwest was holding their prom when an 18-year-old was refused entry to the party because he was drunk.

The teen suddenly got combative with security, according to police, and that's when police were called to help handle the situation.

Police said officers stepped in. One officer was struck and fell, hitting the back of his head, while another officer was hit in the nose.

The 18-year-old was taken to the hospital for his injuries and then transferred to the Jackson County Jail. His name isn't being released at this time.

KCTV5 contacted the principal of Blue Valley Northwest Sunday morning to fight out if he is actually a student of theirs and what kind of disciplinary action he could face.

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