Ohio Trooper, Wife Die of Likely CO Poisoning


An Ohio state trooper and his wife were found dead in their Germantown-area home Thursday.

The bodies of Trooper Tim Hall, 48, and his wife, Molly, 52, were found Thursday morning at the Preble County Line Road home, just south of Ohio 725.

Montgomery County Coroner Ken Betz said investigators believe the trooper went into the garage to check on a running generator and was overcome by fumes.

When he didn't come back, Betz said, they believe the trooper's wife went to check on him and was also overcome.

They were both found dead in the garage by the trooper's supervisor, who went to check on him when he didn't report for work, Betz said.

"Carbon monoxide can really get to you really quick," said German Township Police Chief Lew Wilcox. "This is a very smart individual. He's got many years with the highway patrol. Probably wasn't thinking and walked into it and, just happened. It was an accident."

Betz said carbon monoxide poisoning is the likely cause of death but won't be official until an autopsy is completed.

Hall had been using the generator to heat his home after power went out because of this week's storm. Crews were in the neighborhood Thursday restoring power.

Neighbors said Hall's death is a reminder of what can happen.

"We've been using a kerosene heater and we keep a carbon monoxide detector probably about 10 feet away and smoke alarms probably about 15 feet away, just trying to be cautious of it," said neighbor Lisa Leggett.

Hall was a 25-year veteran of the state patrol and had been based in Lebanon since 1989. Hall was scheduled to retire on April 7.

Col. John Born released a statement late Thursday morning that read: "Today is a sad day for the Ohio State Highway Patrol. We tragically lost members of our Patrol family. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of Tpr. Timothy Hall and his wife, Molly, who were found in their garage this morning near a power generator. The German Township Police Department is conducting the investigation. I am sure friends and family of both Tim and Molly will be on the minds and in prayers of those within the Patrol for many days to come."

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