Ex-Ind. Cop Accused of Asking for Sex to Fix Tickets


A former detective with the Jeffersonville Police Department is accused of asking a woman for sexual acts in exchange for taking care of ticket issues.

In November, Shawn Kennedy resigned from the department for "conduct unbecoming an officer." At the time, Kennedy and the city of Jeffersonville agreed that the details of that conduct would not be released.

But in December, Kennedy filed for unemployment, the city refused to pay, and now, it's fighting back.

Newly filed court documents contain alleged recordings of phone calls recorded by the FBI between a drug suspect and Kennedy, who was employed as a police detective at the time.

The following is part of a transcript of one such phone call:

Kennedy: "Yeah, what's up man?

(Suspect): "Nothing, everything cool?"

Kennedy: "Yeah everything real cool man. Everything went exactly as she wanted it to go. Nobody knows anything..."

Police said Kennedy was providing information to the suspect, who was involved in a narcotics investigation.

The following is from that same phone call:

(Suspect): "Hey, uh a Ford real dark tinted windows?"

Kennedy: "Yeah, uh, don't want to say anything on the phone man, yeah I got info. on that."

In another phone call with another person, the same suspect said he got the information he was looking for.

"He couldn't say nothing, but he told me what I needed to know without telling me," the suspect said.

Kennedy is also accused of helping a 19-year-old woman with legal issues in exchange for sexual favors.

That woman took a polygraph exam, and the report of that exam states: "(The woman) said she received phone calls and text messages from Kennedy stating that she owed him and that if she didn't continue to meet with him (to have sex) he wouldn't help her with her ticket issues."

The report also states that during one sexual encounter, "She said she told him to get off of her ... She told him that, 'if you don't take me home I'm going to call the police,' Kennedy replied, 'I am the police.'"

The same document states that the woman was asked, "Did Shawn Kennedy use physical force (to have intercourse with you)?"

The woman replied, "Yes." She passed the polygraph.

The city attorney said none of this information would have been released were it not for Kennedy filing for unemployment.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Kennedy put us in a position where we must defend the taxpayers' money," said Larry Wilder, attorney for the city of Jeffersonville.

The only way someone can file for unemployment is if they lost their job without cause. Wilder said the documents filed on Thursday represent cause.

In his application for unemployment, Kennedy alleged that he only signed the settlement that led to his resignation because the city's attorney and his own attorney forced him to.

Kennedy is not currently facing criminal charges. He is scheduled to be in court for a hearing on his unemployment next Thursday.

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