Two New Orleans Officers Dismissed for Rules Violations


Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas on Friday dismissed two veteran officers for what he called "rules violations."

Citing a zero tolerance policy, Serpas announced that 10-year veteran officer Rydell Diggs and 13-year NOPD member Carey Dykes were no longer on the force.

The moves followed an investigation that was conducted by the department's Public Integrity Bureau. It found Diggs violated rules of conduct relative to aggravated and simple battery, theft and other concerns.

Investigators determined Dykes violated rules regarding honesty and job performance. The Public Integrity Bureau said Dykes had also been found sleeping while on duty.

"After a complete review of both investigations, I determined that it was in the best interest of the New Orleans Police Department and the citizens of New Orleans to dismiss Mr. Rydell Diggs and Mr. Carey Dykes," Serpas said in a statement released Friday evening. "We will continue to build the public's trust with accountability transparency and integrity."

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