Drugs Offered by Door-to-Door Sales People in W. Va.

Weirton police said they received a call Friday from a Weirton resident claiming that four individuals from Kirby Sweepers knocked on their door, first trying to sell sweepers, then asking if the resident wanted to buy heroin.

The four suspects are Latasha Ann Williams, Jack Polyak, Michael Joseph Panza and Andrew Thomas Simmons all sweeper sales people from Pennsylvania.

Police said the four were traveling in a white van and were going door to door in the Weirton area. Police located the van in a 7-Eleven parking lot where they were getting gas.

"Its very unordinary for that to happen. First since I have been here for that to happen. It was kind of easy when they called in we located the vehicle," said Detective Girard Spencer of the Weirton Police Department.

The four will be charged with possession with intent to deliver heroin, possession with intent to deliver marijuana and possession of marijuana.

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