Ga. Police Have Beef with Planned Super Bowl Party


Douglas Liggion and his wife canceled their plans for a big Super Bowl bash at their home in the Thurgood Estates subdivision in Ellenwood.

They said DeKalb County police told them what they were doing is illegal.

Liggion was advertising the party on the Internet and charging people to attend. He said he planned on giving the money to and canned goods to charity.

Liggion said when police told him charging, even if it was for a good cause, wasn't allowed, he canceled the party.

"We cut that out quick. I still want my family and friends over, and you telling me I can't have nobody at my house. Don't tell me I'm going to be arrested if I have my mother come over to my house," said Liggion.

Liggion said police told him he can't have anyone at his house. He said officers harassed his family.

He said they called his 21-year-old daughter who was out-of-state in college and they even sent code enforcement to his wife's office.

"My medical assistant came into my office with a business card that said, here is somebody from code enforcement. She said it is urgent that you contact her," said Dr. Tonya Liggion.

Dr. Liggion said it angered her when she found out code enforcement came to her office to warn her not to have a Super Bowl party at her home.

"To call our daughter --- she is in college, I just don't know where this is coming from," said Dr. Liggion.

DeKalb County police said members of its vice unit will be parked in front of the Liggion's subdivision. If anyone shows up and tells officers they are going to the Liggion's home, police said they will turn them away.

"The tough question is …is DeKalb County going to try to prevent a family from getting together on Super Bowl Sunday?" said Liggion's attorney Mawuli Mel Davis.

Davis said the police have crossed the line.

"To call their daughter, to come to this doctor's practice where she is taking care of DeKalb County children, that's absurd," said Davis.

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