Atlanta Man Arrested For Crimes He Didn't Commit


Attorney Tiffany Brown told CBS Atlanta News on Friday that one of her clients was mistakenly arrested for crimes he didn't commit.

“This has been just a traumatic experience for him,” said Brown.

Brown said Marquis Storey was falsely accused of rape, false imprisonment, pimping, possession of a fire arm, possession of a weapon with the intent to commit a crime and theft by taking.

"Someone found his ID and has been using it. Unfortunately for him this person has been committing all sorts of crimes under his name with his birth date and Social Security number," said Brown.

Brown told CBS Atlanta News that the Fulton County Jail inmate database shows at least 13 arrests of someone using Marquis Storey's name, but clearly shows the face of another young man.

"I couldn’t sleep at night because of the stress that I was going through," said Storey.

A judge dismissed the charges and let Storey out of jail Friday after it was determined they had the wrong person.

"How did this happen? We don’t know who dropped the ball, but someone in law enforcement with fingerprinting assigned two sets of finger prints to the same Georgia ID number," said Brown.

Brown admitted that her client was on probation for a previous drug charge at the time of the arrest. He was wearing an ankle monitor which proved he didn't commit the crimes because the monitor showed he was at home, she said.

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