Ex Fla. Cop Charged With Murder Had Troubled Past


Authorities said the former Florida Atlantic University police officer, who admitted to shooting an escort in Boynton Beach, has a long history of trouble.

Jimmy Ho is facing first-degree murder charges after police said he admitted to shooting 29-year-old Sheri Carter, who died from her injuries Friday morning.

Ho's personnel profile was released from FAU, showing a long list of complaints that dated back over 15 years, including several accounts of inappropriate behavior that resulted in suspension and termination from the Broward Sheriff's Office.

According to the personnel file, Ho was facing allegations of spying on female employees, inappropriate sexual remarks, sending unsolicited text messages and asking female dispatchers if he could talk dirty to them within a six-month time frame while working for the department.

"Corporal Ho would just have a way of appearing when I was making my way to and from campus, as if my whereabouts were being tracked," a FAU worker told police.

Police noted that the complaints weren't just sexual. In September 2009, Ho was suspended by campus police after admitting to conduct unbecoming of an employee.

Investigators said the case involved a drunken student who spat on a campus surveillance camera. Ho later told the student he could face charges or he could clean the spit off the security camera by licking it off. The student proceeded to lick the camera glass clean before Ho made him remove his shirt and polish the lens dry, police said.

Police said Ho was also fired from the Broward Sheriff's Office after he was arrested for a domestic incident involving his ex-wife.

In 1995, as an officer with Lauderhill police, the department determined that Ho failed to maintain a reasonable standard of courtesy, when he showed up to a woman's home after her car accident and told her that she was built like Dolly Parton.

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