Wisconsin Officer Resigns After Investigation

MADISON, Wis. --

A Madison police officer and Dane County Narcotics and Gang Task Force member has resigned following an internal investigation, authorities announced on Friday.

Police officials said that Denise Markham was cleared of any unlawful conduct, but the investigation revealed a pattern of policy violations. Madison police said that an extensive review turned up violations including reports that were incomplete and sometimes inaccurate, property that was seized but not properly documented, improper search and seizures and an overbearing and oppressive conduct.

An attorney for Markham said that she chose a to resign from the department with a severance package primarily so she could deal with personal family medical issues.

Markham, a 22-year veteran of the Madison Police Department with more than 80 commendations, said through her attorney that the errors that the department is pointing out were never brought to her attention with the exception of one incident. She said in that isolated incident, she was asked by a supervisor to change how she dealt with a specific piece of evidence.

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