Fla. Man Stopped for Loud Music Points Gun at Deputy

DELAND, Fla. --

A man pulled over for playing music too loud ended up pointing a gun at a Volusia County sheriff deputy, investigators said. Deputies arrested 24-year-old Louis Hills Sunday night near DeLand.

The sheriff's office said Hills ran into his own house on W. Beresford Avenue after he was pulled over. Deputy Gayer chased him as Hills kicked open the front door and ran into the house.

Investigators said Deputy Gayer saw what looked like a gun in Hills' hand and then Hills threw the object under the bed in a rear bedroom and tried to smash out the window. When he couldn’t escape through the window, investigators said, with bloody hands he dove back under the bed, grabbed the gun and pointed it at Deputy Gayer.

Gayer drew his service weapon, investigators said, and ordered Hills to drop the pistol, which was fully loaded with a bullet in the chamber; the 9mm handgun was inside a sock that had holes cut out around the trigger.

The deputy struggled with Hills, but got him under arrest. They said Hills also had a package of marijuana inside his underwear.

Hills was charged with four felonies: possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana over 20 grams, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting an officer with violence.

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