Florida Officer Faces Firing After Undercover Drug Op

SANFORD, Fla. --

A Sanford police officer faces firing after investigators said he conducted an undercover drug investigation without getting approval.

On Monday, the Sanford Police Department said Officer DeAnthony Shamar used a teenager as an undercover operative without the knowledge of his father, who is also an officer.

"It's imperative our officers abide by our policies and procedures," said interim Police Chief Steve Harriett. "Even for trained people, drug investigations are risky. To use an unqualified, undocumented person in this role certainly is a concern."

Shamar told investigators the teen was not acting as a police explorer but as an adviser, police said.

The officer said he called a friend who was a federal agent to look into the situation, the department said.

Shamar said he was "not the one conducting the investigation, merely facilitating," internal investigation documents state.

Officials said the department intends to fire Shamar for the incident.

There have been 38 complaints against the officer in nine years. Thirteen were sustained, police said.

A few years ago, Harriet said, Shamar intentionally went through a stop sign at 40 to 50 mph in front of a fellow officer, as a prank. He was in an unmarked car so officer who went after him didn't know Shamar was an officer.

Even though he was already punished for that, it was considered in the decision to start termination in this case.

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