Conn. Officer Rescues Man From Burning Home


A police officer pulled a man out of a first-floor window from inside his burning Stratford home late Monday morning.

Firefighters said two people were inside the house when it caught fire. One man escaped out the front, but another man, who is older, got stuck in the back of the two-family home. A police officer arriving on scene first helped him through a window.

"He tried to take the legs through the window. It was kinda hard because he's an old guy," said Carlos Pires, an eyewitness to the blaze.

The elderly man was taken away by family members after fire officials treated him for smoke inhalation.

The house caught on fire around 10 a.m. The family here owned six pets. A dog and three cats got trapped inside the burning house and died.

The fire marshal is investigating how it started, but he does not believe there's anything suspicious about it.

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