Police Say Man Attempted Murder on Vermont Trooper


2 Vermont State Troopers went to the home of 30 year old Mark Young Thursday morning to arrest him on charges of aggravated sexual assault with a minor.

"We found Mark Young in the bathroom, bent over with a knife, and the knife was a very large 14 inch blade knife," Lieutenant Michael Henry told Newschannel 5.

Police said they instructed Young to drop the knife and put his hands up. When Young didn't, they tried to use their TASER on him, but it didn't work. That's when police said Young came at one of them with the knife.

"At that point the subject charged trooper Decker. Trooper Decker was able to deflect the knife and disarm the subject from the knife," said Henry. Young plead not guilty to attempted murder. His defense attorney declined to comment. The state's attorney called the case "unique."

"He definitely was armed with a deadly weapon as defined by Vermont law, but every criminal case has to be proven by the state beyond a reasonable doubt," explained state's attorney Lisa Warren.

Police said that Young and the troopers were all physically fine after the altercation.

If convicted in either of the two incidents he's charged for, Young will face serious jail time.

"For the aggravated sexual assault is 10 years to life," said Warren. "For the attempted murder it's 35 years to life potentially."

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