Three Men in Colorado Cited for Snowball Fight

ASPEN, Colo. --

Maybe it’s best for the grown-ups to leave the snowball fights to the kids.

Three men in Aspen were cited early Sunday morning after confessing to police that one of their thrown snowballs hit a person in the face as they were walking down the street, according to the Aspen Times.

Police reported to the Aspen Times that David Shefte, 28; David Trainer, 28; and Kurt Heckel, 36, were throwing snowballs at each other above the roof of the Pitkin County Dry Goods clothing store when the incident occurred.

One of their errant snowballs hit a person in the face while he was walking below.

When the victim confronted the men about the snowball incident, one of the men called the person a “f*****t.” After police were called, the three men confessed to hitting the person with the snowball.

As a result, the men were cited with violating the law that prohibits the throwing of missiles.

Sec. 15.04.210 means that it is “unlawful for any person to throw any stone, snowball or other missile or discharge any bow, blowgun, slingshot, gun, catapult or other device upon or at any vehicle, building or other public or private property or upon or at any person or in any public way or place which is public in nature,” according to the Aspen & Pitkin County website.

Shefte accepted the punishment on behalf of the three suspects and told the police that he would pay the fine that came with the infraction.

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