Georgia Police Want Comp Time For Winter Storm Work


The chief operating officer of DeKalb County said officers who worked their regularly scheduled shifts during last month's winter storm will not receive compensatory days off for showing up to work.

“I think they showed up and earned their check for that day, and that’s what they were entitled to do," said COO Richard Stogner. "That’s what they got paid to do."

County policy states when offices are officially closed by the county, workers are still paid. Several offices were closed for two days during the storm.

The president of the police union questioned why employees at offices that remained open were given two days pay, though they did not show up for work because of the weather.

"We simply want to be treated fairly," said Fraternal Order of Police President Jeff Wiggs.

Wiggs said the officers are not looking for overtime or to cost the county any additional money.

"This is a slap in the face," said Wiggs. "We did our job."

The county could not tell CBS Atlanta how many workers did not show up during the first days of the winter storm.

Asked why employees should be paid when their offices were open, Stogner said, "It was because they had circumstances beyond their control."

"The county got zero work out of those employees," said Wiggs. "That's a waste of taxpayers' money."

Stogner said as far as he and other county leaders are concerned, the case on comp time is closed.

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